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Reverse Soraka skin concept!
Credit to this post right here by Sykhopato for sharing this wonderfully hideous idea. I gave it a quick concept sketch and it turned out pretty terrifying….enjoy!
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reedtail: when do you usually come on? i think i should know so that i can claim my prize and all, so uh, yeah ;;

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The sketch stage of my pieces versus the “finished” sketch (。◝‿◜。)Showing the importance of knowing what the ‘feel’/direction of the painting will be before you actually start painting! Even if the primary sketch looks really “bad” (Gnar looks like a gremlin…).


Now that Lucy is number one at the box office.

This is my biggest pet peeve. Up there with the left brain/right brain thing if you’re more artistic or more organized. Just ain’t true people.